Nikola Tesla brings alternating current

Date, in proposed Anno Hominis : 
201896/11/16 A.H.

In a time when the majority of the world was still lit by candle power, Nikola Tesla created the path for the electrical system known as alternating current, which to this day is what powers every home on the planet. On November 12th, 1896, at the Niagara falls the first hydro-electric powerplant of the world was inaugurated and put to work.

However this extremely creatively briliant man had many more ideas of which many were patented, some were stolen or absorbed by others (the radio by Marconi and in fact electricity itself by Edison) and many haven't even reached maturity or public notoriety. His lack of materialistic interest or money, unfortunately allowed or induced others to take advantage or abandon him, while he still had so much to develop and offer.


Additionally to his brilliance he seemed to have been humanitarian, ethical and quite visionairy, three characteristics that are not easily understood in general and much less by profit and power obsessed individuals. Tesla instead was obsessed by the possibility he saw of creating unlimited free and clean energy as a good for the whole world, like air itself. He actually seems to have foreseen the ecological disaster and the limitations (in resources, time and world equality) of using fossile fuels to drive energy, instead of using sun, wind and water and distribute electricity without cables. On second thought... this understanding is not that visionairy after all, it is no more than obvious that fossile fuels are a dead end street, if you just let profit out of the equation. In this sense, more than visionairy, he was objective, realistic, practical, aware and concerned. By these characteristics, everybody could actually be more "visionairy".

Unfortunately more than a century after his prediction, we are now, actually, living in that desastrous world he had foreseen (maybe even worse in his eyes, while "normal" for us), polluted and greatly destroyed on all levels, living in global inequality (partially caused by the unequal distribution of energy/electricity) and facing the head-on collision we are headed for at an ever increasing speed.

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