Ancient Civilizations

Date, in proposed Anno Hominis : 
200001/12/31 A.H.

190.000 A.H. 

What is the connection between Angkor Wat in the Jungle of Cambodia, the Pyramids in the middle of Egyptian desert and megalithic monuments on Easter Island and Micronesia? What is the under water mystery in Japan, the last time it above water was 10,000 years ago? Our ancestors are highly intelligent people, thousand years ago they precisely predicted the solar eclipse over Mexico in 1991.


Advanced ancient technology: Uncovering new evidence of Egypt and man's origins
New theories are being explored based on new evidence from the Egyptian Pyramids and other monolith sites around the world. Egyptian civilization and the pyramids may be much older than previously believed.


Secrets of the Egyptian Pyramids - The revelation of the Pyramids
A different take on the purpose, design and significance of the pyramids in Egypt.


Ancient and maybe even a Lost Civilization?

From the most recent, backwards (more or less... under further development):

  • Romans
  • Greek
  • Egyptians
  • Maya
  • Inca
  • Aztec
  • Tiahuanaco
  • Ancient India
  • Ancient China
  • Ancient Japan
  • Persia
  • Babylonian Empire
  • Sumerian Empire
  • Mesopotamia
  • Antlantis?
  • Mu or Lemuria? 


Some of the recognized Ancient Civilizations

Name Approximate dates Location Major cities
Akkadian 2350–2230 B.C. Mesopotamia, parts of
 SyriaAsia Minor,
AkkadUr, Erich
Assyrian 1800–889 B.C. MesopotamiaSyria Assur, Nineveh,
Babylonian 1728–1686 B.C. (old)
625–539 B.C. (new)
Cimmerian 750–500 B.C. Caucasus, northern Asia
Egyptian 2850–715 B.C. Nile valley ThebesMemphis,
Etruscan 900–396 B.C. Northern Italy
Greek 900–200 B.C. Greece AthensSparta,
Hittite 1640–1200 B.C. Asia MinorSyria Hattusas, Nesa
Indus Valley 3000–1500 B.C. Pakistan,
 Northwestern India
Lydian 700–547 B.C. Western Asia Minor SardisMiletus
Mede 835–550 B.C. Iran Media
Minoan 3000–1100 B.C. Crete Knossos
Persian 559–330 B.C. IranAsia MinorSyria Persepolis,
Phoenician 1100–332 B.C. Palestine (colonies:
Phrygian 1000–547 B.C. Central Asia Minor Gordion
Roman 500 B.C.A.D. 300 ItalyMediterranean
 region, Asia Minor,
 western Europe
Rome, Byzantium
Scythian 800–300 B.C. Caucasus
Sumerian 3200–2360 B.C. Mesopotamia UrNippur

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Göbekli Tepe

currently the oldest monument of the world, being over 12.000 years old.

12,000 Years Old Unexplained Structure
Göbekli Tepe, is a hilltop sanctuary erected on the highest point of an elongated mountain ridge some 15 km northeast of the town of Şanlıurfa, in southeastern Turkey and 500 miles away from Istanbul, Turkey. It is the most astonishing archaeological discovery in modern times and also thought to be the oldest advanced civilization on Earth.


Graham Hancock: Gobekli Tepe & Egypt
Graham Hancock discusses the ancient site of Gobekli Tepe and ancient Egypt with Joe Rogan. From The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast 360 WoW Nazca Decoded


Turkish pre-flood archeological sites - Göbekli Tepe
Most of the other videos on the subject material are plagiarized from other researchers data and you see they same stuff over and over again with few exceptions." This video is rather different.


Many unexplained megalithic constructions

Pyramids in Egypt and south America, Angkor Wat, Göbekli Tepe, Stone Henge, etc, etc, etc.

Sacsayhuaman/Cusco, Peru.


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